CAMS NDACC Test server - Known issues

On this page we will list known issues and missing features for the current state of the test server.

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Thursday, 06 Nov 2014
  • There are no server or toolchain bugs currently known.
  • There were a number of features discussed during the lifetime of the NORS project, that we were not able to implement before the project's end. These 'missing' features include:
    MACC terminology
    Refer to the MACC models by their "o_suit"/"e_suite" designation instead of just the model name
    [4.4] Mismatch concerning the number of available reports between both the intruments/experiments and geographic filters
    I.e. no update of the number of available parameters, model or instrument types following a selection in the right-hand side column
    [6.1] Outputs format
    PDF images will scale better than PNG
    [7.2] VIP users can request custom reports, but they are not actually generated
    This partial functionality has now been disabled.
    [7.3] No selection of seasonal/latitudinal time range for reports generation
    This was not implemented.
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